Episode 7: Crowdfunding an Upstart Farm

Episode 7: Crowdfunding an Upstart Farm

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Episodes


Crowdfunding an Upstart Farm

Chris Michael gives us general advice for crowdfunding success, and Paul Meyer gives us insight into his successful Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to check out the links below to explore more resources on crowdfunding.

In this episode:

  • (0:30) – Bright Agrotech’s Kickstarter campaign and crowdfunding experience
  • (2:16) – Why is crowdfunding important for Upstart Farmers?
  • (4:00) – Choosing a platform: perks and costs of different platforms
  • (6:43) – Creating and knowing your “crowd”
  • (8:55) – Rewards
  • (9:32) – What to do during the campaign
  • (11:50) – Resources to help you succeed
  • (13:51) – Paul Meyer and his campaign
  • (15:57) – How Paul marketed his campaign
  • (16:45) – Hardest and easiest parts of setting up a campaign: the video
  • (20:00) – How Paul chose a platform
  • (21:05) – Paul’s advice for Upstart Farmers who are crowdfunding
  • (29:45) – Other Upstart Farmers’ campaigns
  • (30:35) – Chris’s tips for success
  • (33:05) – Common mistakes to avoid

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Helpful Links

Special Thanks To…

  • Paul Meyer of Virginia Vegetable Company, for his great insight!
  • Chris Michael for his tips!
  • Tom Deacon and Hank Thornburg for their campaign information

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