Who are the Upstart Farmers?

upstart_farmers_logo_-_blue_360The Upstart Farmers are a growing community of agricultural innovators. They seek to improve agriculture with sustainable, efficient techniques and a passion for what they do.

Upstart Farmers are commercial agricultural producers using 50 or more ZipGrow towers. They serve a variety of local markets, providing the freshest, healthiest food out there – often while it’s still alive.

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About Upstart Farmers Radio

Upstart Farmers Radio is the podcast for commercial hydroponic farmers looking to make an impact and a living.

Learn how to tackle common farming issues, from pest control to building the most efficient greenhouse.

Discover what other Upstart Farmers – and the industry as a whole – are doing, and how you can take part.

Be inspired, whether you’re an existing Upstart Farmer or just dreaming about quitting your day job.

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A Few Upstart Farmers

smart greensCity Planet Farm - an Upstart Farmer

Freight Farms Logolocal sprout

Fresh With Edge an Upstart FarmerBayBerry Fresh